Dan MacLean

I'm the head of the team. My interests are in bioinformatics, I like to geek out over programming languages and development strategies, I love to dabble with mathematics for lots of different reasons and I have a growing interest in mathematical biology.

Dr Carlos Lugo

I'm a theoretical physicist interested in the development and application of mathematical and computational tools to the study of complex systems out of equilibrium. As part of Dan MacLean's team I have been developing mathematical and computational models of genetic evolutionary mechanisms in order to understand features observed in host-pathogen systems. You can find more about this and other projects in my personally maintained website

Dr Christian Schudoma

I am the Sainsbury Lab Bioinformatics Support Officer. I am responsible for providing bioinformatics advice and training to the research staff in the lab as well as assisting and collaborating in projects that require more advanced bioinformatics skills. I also administer our customised instance of Galaxy and develop bioinformatics software for use in both the lab and the wider scientific community.

Dr Ghanasyam Rallapalli

Shyam is a post-doc working on the Fraxinus and OADB projects. He'll have lots of time to add a full bio to this page really soon.

Mr Martin Page

Hi, I am Martin (@BioDevOps), the Linux Admin for Team Maclean where I write code and manage servers. I used to work for @dessol as their Systems Admin and before that was a freelance software developer.

Srta Pilar Corredor Moreno

I am currently working on a research project based on determining the location of causative SNP mutations in mutagenized plant genomes, from unordered contigs. During the course of this algorithm design project, I have learned many new skills, chief among which are the ability to program in Ruby and R, and to run bioinformatics software in a command-line environment.

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