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Team MacLean

We are researchers and technologists working at the boundary of genomic biology and computer science

Research Projects

Our exciting projects range from genomics through genomics and bioinformatics, deep learning and citizen science. We bring together biology, computational science and bioinformatics to make the most of big data and help answer big questions.

The Sainsbury Laboratory is a dynamic and highly motivated environment in which to work and the diverse, world-leading research groups here provide us with plenty of great opportunities for new projects and directions. Check out a fuller list of what we do and how we collaborate here.

The infrastructures for insight

We provide the computational and software infrastructure to enable bioinformatics work at the highest level for Sainsbury Laboratory researchers at any level of experience.

Working with the Norwich Biosciences Institutes Computing Team and The Genome Analysis Centre, we use high performance compute clusters and high capacity resilient storage to allow us to do science that is not limited by computational resource.

We run flexible, adaptable industry standard command-line environments and easy-to-use but powerful and reproducible graphical tools like Galaxy to allow any of our researchers to start doing complex bioinformatics at any level of expertise.

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Bioinformatics skills for biologists

Two skills in one mind

We provide training and mentoring to biologists to enable them to carry out their own bioinformatics analyses. A critical advantage of this model is that bioinformatics and biological concepts are now being thought of by the same brain, which significantly accelerates project turnover and reduces the likelihood of missed insights and misunderstandings. 

Our training programme includes taught courses, online materials, videos and one-to-one mentoring aimed at making a ‘bench’ biologist into a capable user and critic of bioinformatic science and methodology. We are involved with initiatives like GOBLET and Software Carpentry.


A multi-disciplinary team

We have a wide range of backgrounds, we are biologists, Unix whizzes, bioinformaticians and other people. We aren't showing their pictures right now because of GDPR 
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